What Our Customers Say

Orland Farmstead thanks all of our loyal customers for the amazing feedback about our products! We have posted a few below. We would love you feedback as well, feel free to provide it by emailing.  

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Thank you for your graciousness when we arrived at your wonderful dairy! I have sampled the cheeses..they are WONDERFUL! I plan to make every recipe with your cheese. I drooled as I read through the book..AWESOME! I cant wait to get the full product line!


- Marie Henson

Thank you for your wonderful cheese.

Available now at New Earth Market in Yuba City


- Desire, New Earth Market Chef

I just bought some of your Mozzarella Cheese at Red Bluff Farmers Market and I'll have to say that you just gave Mozzarella Cheese a new name in my book. It is great! And so is your feta. I wish I had known about your cheeses before. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I bought it since we don't eat much grain product anymore, but WOW on zucchini/tomato. I don't even know what fromage is yet though. I'll have to give it a try next time. Thank you for making a cheese from grass-fed cows!!!


 - Judi