What Our Customers Say

Orland Farmstead thanks all of our loyal customers for the amazing feedback about our products! We have posted a few below. We would love you feedback as well, feel free to provide it by emailing.  

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 I ordered a block of your feta from Farm Fresh to You this past week. Mother of God, the flavor is amazing. Better than any other feta we can get down here in the Inland Empire, by a long shot. I just broke some over marinated chicken, broccolini and quinoa for dinner. It disappeared. The feta was the perfect accent to finish the dish. I will be a frequent customer. And I appreciate you folks working with Farm Fresh to You; you both do wonderful work.



San Bernardino

Thank you for your graciousness when we arrived at your wonderful dairy! I have sampled the cheeses..they are WONDERFUL! I plan to make every recipe with your cheese. I drooled as I read through the book..AWESOME! I cant wait to get the full product line!


- Marie

Thank you for your wonderful cheese.

Available now at New Earth Market in Yuba City


- Desire, New Earth Market Chef

I just bought some of your Mozzarella Cheese at Red Bluff Farmers Market and I'll have to say that you just gave Mozzarella Cheese a new name in my book. It is great! And so is your feta. I wish I had known about your cheeses before. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I bought it since we don't eat much grain product anymore, but WOW on zucchini/tomato. I don't even know what fromage is yet though. I'll have to give it a try next time. Thank you for making a cheese from grass-fed cows!!!


 - Judi