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Fromage Blanc


A creamy, spreadable cheese that can be used in place of creamcheese. 


It has a tangy, lemon flavor that can be used in sweets, such as cheese cakes or brownies, or in savory dishes such as lasagna, raviolli or any pasta. It makes a great spread on crackers or broiled on top of french or sourdough bread.






Made with a blend of fresh goat and cows milk.


It is lightly salted to bring out the flavor of the cheese, without being as strong as a mediterranean style feta.



Queso Fresco


This traditional fresh mexican cheese has a creamy texture, but becuase we press the curds, the cheese can be easily crumbled and softens well when heated.


Queso Fresco can be used in many mexican dishes, such as enchilads and empanadas, or crumbled over soups and salads.





This cheese is an Orland Farmstead creation. It is a blend between a ricotta and a cottage cheese. 


Ricottage can be used as a snack like cottage cheese or to take the place of ricotta in dishes such as lasagna.