What do organizers do?

Start by finding friends, family members, and neighbors who are interested and encourage them to join your North State Producers Community and place orders!

Oversee the weekly farm-fresh delivery to your selected site, at a time of your choosing and facilitate the community pick-ups. 

After your first pick-up, maintain an active role in continuing to make your community grow. Keep your community thriving! 

What's in it for you?

Amazing food, fill your fridge, household, and neighborhood with fresh local foods. 


Support, putting more money into the hands of local farmers and producers by buying direct. 

In your neighborhood

Host a pick-up site in your neighborhood and receive 20% off your own groceries! 

In your school

Host a pick-up site in at your school and your school earns 10% of all sales- money they can use on programs, supplies, events, or whatever they need!

In your workplace

Good for your business: No-cost wellness benefit, easy to get started- no ongoing management, healthy employees make healthy business, strengthen community ties by supporting local farms and producers.


Good for your people: Employee order from a large selection of the best local foods, no commitment to order, and no additional stops at the grocery store. 

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